All Stoma Patients

We have put together items of interest that covers virtually all forms of stomas, colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy to name the main three, there are others. you will find certain pages that deal with one type of stoma, but in the main a stoma is a stoma is a stoma. The hope is that this page covers the other questions that may or may not go through your mind and not sure how or who to ask as you may think that they are silly.

We hope this will encourage you and empower you to take control of your lives again so that you may have a better quality of life, to help you get back to doing the things you did before your operation, swimming, walking, cycling, travel both at home and away, intimacy and not forgetting working again.

Remember it takes time, some take longer than others to get back on their feet, be patient. If you are finding things are taking longer or you are experiencing problems talk to your Stoma Care Nurse, Doctor or Consultant if they are medical. If they are life issues, living with then go along to a stoma support group and talk to them as there is a wealth of experience amongst them and have no doubt an idea or two on how to tackle your problem. Remember one solution may not work for you but another one does its a bit of trial and error until you find something that suits you.

A case for Convexity.CV01

Advice on DVT.CV02

Adjusting to Life with a stoma.CV01

An Introduction to Stoma Care.CV02

ARC Gout.CV01


Continence made easy

dealing with depression.CV01

going home guide

History & evolution of stomas & appliances.CV01

Living with a stoma (ConvaTec)

medical terms medicines


MIDAS skin assessment tool


Stoma Sittings

sexuality & stoma care.CV01

skin care

social phobia.CV01

Stoma Survival Guide

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Tempory stomas

Why do I need a stoma.CV01

Why do Surgeons make stomas

Your stoma operation & recovery.CV01