This is probably one of the hardest times in your life when you feel your world has suddenly come to an abrupt end, far from it! You may have been ill for some time and this was decided that there was no alternative but to have a stoma of one kind or other.

What is probably going through your mind is body image, relationships and will this stop me from doing anything that I used to enjoy before, football, cricket, swimming, camping, surfing, mountain climbing etc. Believe me I have been through this myself, admittedly I had had mine since I was three months old in 1948 and I can assure you it has not stopped me from pursuing all of the above and relationships. You may have to make adaptions to allow you to follow your dreams, it’s there for the taking enjoy your life and remember your life has now been extended to live it to the full.     

Life as a teenage ostomisthttps://iossg.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Life-as-a-teenage-ostomist.pdf