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I came across an article the other day and I find it very apt and I thought I would share it with you as it may sum up our feelings about having a stoma.


What does your stoma/ostomy mean to you? Does it mean a constant nuisance and care, problems, embarrassment, leakage and resentment: Or….do you relegate it to a significant but minor part of your daily routine and now enjoy a new lease of life? What would have happened to you if the surgery had not been done? Did you get to choose between a box six feet under or a bag on your belly? That doesn’t leave much room for negotiation, does it? A surgical diversion to create an ostomy/stoma or internal pouch is usually done as a life saving procedure. Some are temporary solutions to an acute problem and some are permanent diversions. Some are done as cures for whatever ailed you in the first place and some alleviate a lot of worry, pain, misery and medical expenses. All of them buy you a gift of precious, extra time. For those who have been given that gift of precious extra time, what are you going to do with that precious extra time? Are you going to waste it – now that you have it – or are you going to do something productive or memorable with it? Are you going to crawl into a psychological hole and remain there, feeling sorry for yourself until your time runs out, or are you going to appreciate and live life to the fullest, making good use of the time you have left?


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