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What is a healthy diet for an ostomist? 

A very good question, which rigid instructions are impossible to  give, as every ones body reacts differently to different foods. We have tried to put on this page a number of booklets and articles for you to look at, combine bits from different sources, its just a guide. The most important and practical advice I can give you is to enjoy your food, it is a matter of experimenting, trial and error. I know that sounds as a cop out! What you have to remember is that your intestines will have to make adjustments, it has been man handled, its been shortened and it will take a little time for it to re-adapt to its new form and work harder to do the job it was doing before. In other words if you enjoyed a particular type of food before and you still wish to eat it then it is a matter of try and try again until your body accepts.

Colostomists, your digestive passage is simpler as your large intestine even though it has been shortened will still take out a majority of the water content and the changes may not be too different than before.

Urostomists, you have the easiest passage of them all as your food intake will be the same as before, you have to make sure you drink enough fluid to keep hydrated.

Ileostomists, your digestive system is different and may take more time to come to terms with as you only have your small intestines, which means your output will be more fluid than solid and you may have difficulty in digesting certain foods i.e. peanuts, corn to name a couple, but it does not mean you can not eat those things you enjoyed in the past.

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