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Reference: Stoma Book  Please write “stoma book” as reference when making a payment. 

Once payment is complete, please contact St Mark’s Stoma Care Department by emailing   LNWH-tr.stm-stomabook@nhs.net  or phoning +44 (0)2084532196 and providing your full name and address, so that we can post your copy of the book. 

The book costs £10 (including packaging and shipping expenses). The donations are then used for reprinting and distribution costs for the book. 


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Coffee Mornings 2021

Click on to the above and you will find the listed Face to Face Coffee mornings and at the same time for those who are unable to attend but wish to participate you will find the Zoom link for you to follow us. 

To join in with any of these Zoom Meetings please Email:

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For details of time and speakers

Or Connect via; https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89600085593?pwd=a2NaWGJNRHJBSjBCUGlpTEJob0lsQT09

from 10:00 am to mid-day

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Coffee Mornings 2021

St Mark’s Hospital Stoma & Pouch Care Department have upgraded their website page  https://www.stmarkshospital.nhs.uk/services-a-z/stoma-care/  


Stoma Care (answer phone) 02084532196
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Pouch Care (answer phone) 02084532099
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Hello I’m Misha! I’m a gastroenterology research doctor at St Mark’s Hospital. I’m interested in helping support patients make difficult decisions about surgery for their inflammatory bowel disease and I need your help!


Our research team at St Mark’s Hospital are particularly focusing on Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients who needed to have bowel surgery due to changes picked up on a surveillance colonoscopy (a colonoscopy which monitors the large bowel for pre-cancerous changes). You may have heard these ‘changes’ being referred to as ‘polyps’ or ‘dysplasia’. 


We want to learn how to better support patients through the process of deciding whether or not to have bowel surgery for this condition. We can only do this if we hear directly from people who have experienced this first hand and can tell us their stories. Did you feel well informed after speaking to your specialist? How could we have improved that discussion and supported you through the decision-making process better? 


If you are interested in taking part then please do read the information via this web link and complete our questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/Gnvrga854ItkCGCq1

Follow the link below to follow our Catriona Smith on her travels in the mystical east.


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